SAP announce cloud revenues on €2.3bn – how can you build on that success?

Here at the Recruit 121 group we’re passionate about building success.
The recent appointment of five new employees, the launch of two new divisions and a move to our new offices in Capital Tower, Cardiff has allowed us to get 2016 off to a great start.
SAP is also building on extreme success with its cloud based services.
SAP has announced 2015 cloud revenues of €2.3bn, 11% of its overall revenue for the 2015 financial year of €20.8bn, and a near-doubling of the proportion of the company’s overall revenue attributable to cloud since 2014.
The SAP results statement showed that the EMEA region had an 11% increase in cloud and software revenue, including double-digit software licence performance in Germany and Russia. Cloud subscriptions and support revenue in EMEA grew by 53%.
One example of how SAP has used its cloud services is through its work with Shell and Volkswagen. The three companies worked together to pilot a solution, that helps dramatically simplify drivers’ parking and fuelling experience.
Cormac Watters, UK and Ireland SAP managing director, said: “Cloud adoption is soaring here in the UK market. Every customer wants to have the conversation.”
With this in mind, we are predicting a rise in the demand for specialists in cloud based services.
Our managing director, Che, said: “Having placed thousands of candidates for more than 500 SAP customers around the world the Recruit 121 Group continue to expand our client base and the provisions we offer for potential candidates, including our education services.”
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