“Job searching is a full time job”

Everyone’s heard the expression “job searching is a full time job”, but it isn’t until you find yourself day in day out scrolling through job sites that you realise how much it can take over your life.

With the recent introduction of SAP Simple Finance solution – “Powered by SAP HANA and designed to provide strategic value with instant insight across finance via a personalized and simple user experience” – it’s clear that SAP is constantly looking to simplify its usability. So, how can you ensure your SAP job search is simple and effective too?

Here at Recruit 121 Limited we are industry specialists so we really understand your job needs. We work closely with hiring managers to understand their requirements in detail too. Part of our mission statement is simplicity: our goal is to make your job easier.

Here are some of our top tips for making your job search as simple as possible:

Have time: As a candidate, you’ll need the time to answer questions in order for our Managing Consultants to clarify a number of things with you. By providing ample time to iron things out, you will ultimately save having to alter things along the way, which benefits everyone.

Communication is key: In order to get the best opportunities and interviews, support is required from the candidate. If you’re easy to contact and collaborate with, then your job search will be a lot simpler and ultimately successful.

Be committed: Due to the high possibility of relocation, focus and commitment are essential. A lack of these qualities can result in the candidate appearing unprofessional within the industry, making your chance of finding work harder.

Be honest: If you feel that a role is not suited to you, let us know straight away. Unless we are given the opportunity to understand your skills and requirements more clearly, we can’t make realistic promises about delivery.

Get to know the company you want to work for: After a candidate is screened within our delivery team, companies advertising job roles can be disclosed*. This is a means of avoiding any conflict of interest. Where possible, get to know the company in order to ensure any transition to their way of working will be as simple as possible, as well as taking a general interest in their Company ethos.

It’s okay to ask for advice: Too often we think we have to sell ourselves aggressively. Why not work on building relationships with people whom you’d like to work with (or for)? Ask for advice on how they got started in the role.

Build a network: Getting to know people who can help you develop your career prospects is a great way of simplifying your job search. LinkedIn is a great way to get to know people in certain industries, you can also get news and updated on upcoming jobs too.

At Recruit 121 Limited, we seek to capitalise on our abilities, charging fairly for the added-value we provide, and recognising that by sourcing the best people for the best companies we are providing the service that both our candidates and client deserve – it’s as simple as that.

For more information on how we can help you to simplify your SAP job search, contact us on +44 02920 496121 or Email us at: info@recruit121.com

*If an NDA is apparent (Non-disclosure Agreement), it may not be possible to disclose such information.