Dads at work

Bill McDermott got his start as a young entrepreneur running a small delicatessen business on Long Island, New York, at age 17. Bill is now the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Executive Board of SAP. He achieved this whilst juggling being a family man, husband to his wife Julie and dad to two children.

With Father’s Day fast approaching (Sunday 21st June here in the UK), we caught up with some hard working dads in the Recruit 121 office to talk work/life balance, inspirational dads and tips for those who are looking to develop a career in SAP.

Owain Harisson and his son,  Logan William Harrison
Owain Harrison and his son, Logan William Harrison

Name: Owain Harrison

Role: Finance Credit Controller

Children: I have a son, Logan William Harrison, aged 2

How will you be celebrating father’s day? A day of complete relaxation, it is my day after all

What is your favourite thing about being a dad? Seeing life through his reactions makes me remember the simple things

Who is your favourite famous dad and why? Batman, let’s face it he needs no reason why?

How do you manage your work/life balance? Sometimes it’s like spinning plates as I’m a single dad

Che Hookings with sons Fin and Els
Che Hookings with sons Fin and Els

Name: Che Hookings

Role: Founder / MD of Recruit 121

Children: I have two sons, Fin, 7 and Els, 5

How will you be celebrating father’s day?: With my children the age they are, this really depends on whether my wife has remembered. No doubt it’ll be special though, she tends to make most things special

What is your favourite thing about being a dad?: Having people in the world to whom you are more important than anything, and who are more important than anything else to you. It’s difficult to put into words, but knowing that your actions, beliefs and behaviors fundamentally influence another persons so unconditionally is a great moderator, especially in helping achieve a good work/life balance, which can be so elusive in today’s ‘always on’ marketplace

How do you manage working and being a family?: I ensure that the weekend is their time. The hardest thing I find is that being very fortunate in my position as managing director and founder of Recruit 121, I am able to exert more control over my work than a lot of people. Despite this, I spend a significant amount of time in the office, and the difficulty is fighting the thought that, given this position, I should be spending more time with my family. Will I look back in 20 years time and think ‘should I have taken more opportunity to spend time with them, given the choice I have?’. Its a tough one to countenance, but I love what I do

Do you have any tips for dads looking to develop their skills and get into a career in SAP?

A lot of the SAP professionals we engage travel Monday to Friday, often outside of the EU. When I first started in SAP recruitment, 19 years ago, I used to think that travelling to all these places was wonderful. Having experienced a fair bit of it myself, I take my hat off to the ladies and gentlemen we place. Living out of a suitcase is far from an easy choice. One of the commitments we make to our customers is to try in every instance to identify local consultants first. One piece of advice to travelling consultants is that whilst you cannot often agree on remote working during the initial stages, once you are on site and have demonstrated your capabilities, it is sometimes possible to discuss working remotely on some days, providing the project work allows and there is trust capital between consultant and client

Nick Fletcher and his family
Nick Fletcher and his family

Name: Nick Fletcher

Role: Senior Resource Consultant

Children:  I have a daughter, Jade, who is 20 in December

How will you be celebrating father’s day?: We’ll be celebrating as a family with a day out, a nice meal and lots of laughs together
What is your favourite thing about being a dad?: I love the fact that my actions are influencing another and the pure trust & love my daughter and I have between us

How do you manage working and being a family: I always think it’s important to have a good work/life balance, where possible always prioritise your family

James Turner with his daughters Emma and Chloe
James Turner with his daughters Emma and Chloe

Name: James Turner

Role: Sales Director

Children: I have two daughters, Emma 7 and Chloe 3

How will you be celebrating father’s day?: We’ll be getting together to enjoy a family lunch

What is your favourite thing about being a dad? I love being part of a family and growing together

What dad inspires you? My father and father in law, they’re always there, advising, guiding, helping, loving

How do you manage working and being a family?: I’m lucky to have both a work and family that are both flexible in creating time for each other

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We are currently recruiting for the role of a Recruitment Administrator [Placement Manager]!

The role involves contract management; liaison with clients and candidates [runners] and general office administration.  Good IT literacy (Microsoft Office) is a must and experience of using a CRM system would be beneficial.  We would expect the candidate to be motivated, well-organised and process-orientated. Excellent inter-personal skills are required. Some level of experience reviewing contracts would be beneficial, but this is supported with in-house and external expertise.

Initially, we expect to offer this as a 6m fixed-term contract for a competitive salary (- although there are no guaranteed bonuses or commissions).  There is a strong possibility that the position may be extended to a permanent role with healthcare benefits too.

Candidates must have English and Maths GCSEs or equivalent at Grade C or above. Good foreign language skills would be beneficial. Higher level qualifications would also be beneficial if relevant.
The role currently reports to the Director of Finance and Operations.

We anticipate that Recruit 121 will have further opportunities for Recruitment Consultants, Resourcers and other Administrative roles in forthcoming months, so please continue to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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Beyond the CV: ‘Résumé virtues’ and ‘eulogy virtues’.

Charles Kennedy: 1959 – 2015

It might seem an unlikely and sombre starting point for a blog post for an international SAP recruitment agency: The sad and untimely passing of a British politician.  Needless to say, Recruit 121 has no political affiliation, preference or persuasion, but we were nonetheless sorry to hear of the death of former Liberal Democrat Leader, Charles Kennedy, at the age of 55.

The relevance of his death to us was that it led a radio commentator to recall a ‘TED talks‘ presentation by New York Times columnist, David Brooks.  Brooks noted the difference between ‘résumé virtues’ and the ‘eulogy virtues’.

Kennedy had a remarkable résumé.  Elected to the British Parliament in 1983 at the age of 23, he rose through his Party to become its leader at the age of 39.  He was described by a political opponent as “a giant in Scottish and in UK politics”.  Another noted how, as leader, he took the Liberal Democrats to the best electoral result for a third party in British politics for nearly 100 years.

Whilst these achievements, – his CV -, was undeniably impressive, most remarkable was the sincerity of the tributes after his death.  David Cameron, the Prime Minister, led the eulogies, describing Kennedy as “an extraordinary talent” and “a man of great principle”.  Nick Clegg, the outgoing leader of his party, the Liberal Democrats, said Kennedy would have “wanted to be remembered as a kind and loving father, brother and son first; and an accomplished politician second”.

We trust that regular visitors to our website and blogs will continue to benefit from practical tips, from structuring your CV, making the right first impression and hearing how we make a difference.  More importantly, however, is that we trust that your experience of Recruit 121 will be that we apply Brooks’ broad principles to our work: Honesty, integrity and transparency. ‘Eulogy virtues’ not just ‘résumé virtues’.

Mike Bobbett