Recruit 121’s Top 10 Tips for a Killer SAP CV.

Winter is almost over. Days are becoming longer and it won’t be long until Spring has sprung.

A symbol of beginnings, it could be time to think about Spring cleaning your career, progressing forward or maybe aiming for something totally new.

A great place to start is brushing away that virtual dust your CV has gathered up sitting unopened on your computer.

Our Delivery and Resource Manager, Richard Jones shares his top 10 tips for a killer SAP CV:

1. Include all versions of SAP that you’ve worked on.
It’s important that employers are certain you’re qualified. As SAP software is constantly changing, skills can become outdated and even irrelevant. By listing each version of SAP you have worked on, employers can see how your skills work in relation to specific roles. It is also valuable to include any SAP Certifications which could be of significant interest to prospective employers and Project Managers.

2. Include all industries you’ve worked in.
SAP works across a multitude of industries, often with transferable skills. It is important to mention these, however you should give particular attention to any experience you’ve had in the industry of the current job you’re applying for.

3. Include the type of implementation.
Whether the contract you’ve previously worked on was a greenfield project (setting up a brand new system), an upgrade (updating the software to a more recent version), a template (developing repeatable processes) or a rollout (taking an existing template project and simply localising it) it is important to state this in your CV so it is clear to the employer the type of experience you have.

4. Make your work experience chronological.
This may seem like common practice, but by listing your most recent work first an employer can determine what your last experience was, and how this could transfer into a new role.

5. Highlight any extensions you’ve received.
Contractors may be brought in on a six month contract (see our freelance advice post); if this is extended for an additional six months it speaks volumes to how helpful an employer finds the work carried out. This will imply a good skill set when looking for other work.

6. List all languages that you speak.
SAP has more than 282,000 customers in 188 countries, which means that you may often be dealing in multi-lingual businesses. Proving that you can converse in different languages could stand you in good stead with potential employers.

7. List your availability.
Most companies will keep your record on file, which means even if they don’t hire you for the job which you’re applying for, they may contact you as new vacancies appear. It’s a great way to keep your foot in the door.

8. List your contact details.
It’s important that employers can contact you, so include your details, especially email and phone number.

9. Get your CV in as quick as possible.
Some companies will stop searching for a candidate as soon as they feel that they have a viable CV, so it’s important that you’ve got one ready to go as soon as you find a post you’d like to apply for.

10. Use a trusted recruitment company.
Specialist recruitment companies like us can fill 1000’s of jobs per year. No generic job board is able to leverage the internal industry contacts that a specialist company has, so use springtime as your new beginning and get the role in SAP you’ve been waiting for.

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Freelance Employment  – Could it be ‘THE  ONE’?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people across the world are analysing their relationships and thinking about the next steps.

Questions such as ‘is this for the long term?’ and ‘are we the perfect match?’ are common place when thinking about a bond with a loved one, but can they also work when thinking about your career?

At Recruit 121, we serve organisations domestically and overseas on a “one-to-one” basis. With thousands of placements to more than 500 SAP customers around the globe, we are helping to create the perfect match between candidate and employer.

When thinking about the length of relationships on a career basis, freelance placement options are becoming increasingly popular. Many employers are upping the number of freelancers they are taking on, for reasons such as special projects and high workloads; freelance assignments have become a popular choice for many professionals when considering their career options.

In our experience there are four main characteristics of freelance assignments, in SAP, that you should consider when figuring out if it’s ‘the one’ for you.

  • There is no typical contract length. Some SAP contract candidates are brought in for a half day assessment whilst some are placed for several years. However, contract roles have the potential for extension or development on to a permanent basis, meaning they are often a great way to get your ‘foot in the door’ with an organisation. We are, however, seeing an average increase in contract duration. In 2014, the average length of a freelance placement was 4.5 months, an increase of 63% from 2013.
  • Some companies offer flexible working opportunities for freelancers. Working from home, partial expenses paid for and flexible work hours are all potential benefits for freelancers, this will depend on the employer.
  • You can get a sense of your long term goals. Many freelancers enjoy the freedom of being able to work with a variety of companies on different projects. Taking on freelance roles can be a great way to see which type of role you prefer and help you think about longer term career goals. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to take time off in-between assignments (summer vacations anyone?)
  •       The more attractive your CV is, the better your prospects. Just like in the dating game, marketing yourself well is a great way to get the attention of a prospective partner. One of the best ways to do this for your career is to talk to a specialist agency because they have the closest relationships with the employers.

It’s clear that there are many benefits when considering entering into freelance roles. They can be great as a stepping stone into companies, or for those looking for the option of flexibility; they also have a much higher pay rate. Just like a relationship, it’s just about weighing up the options in order to determine whether you’d be the perfect match.

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