Friday 21st August, 2015 marks the 15th birthday of Recruit 121

R121 15 years
15 years ago we opened our doors and began our journey as SAP staffing specialists, serving organisations domestically and overseas on a “one-to-one” basis.

Now, having placed thousands of candidates with more than 500 SAP customers around the globe, we pride ourselves on connecting the world’s best-run businesses, with the very best talent.

We caught up with some of the team at Recruit 121 to talk about the past 15 years and how they see the industry moving in the future:

James Turner has worked with Recruit 121 since the very beginning, 15 years ago. Starting his journey with us as a resourcer, James is now Sales Director.

How do you feel the industry has changed over the last 15 years? SAP has grown from being niche software to a market leading/ market driving enterprise software. This is also reflected in the fact more and more recruitment agencies offer SAP staffing services.The skills required from candidates are a lot different now compared to 15 years ago, primarily due to developments in internet and mobile technologies.

Where do you see the industry of SAP moving in the future? Cloud integration is definitely a growing field. We see more and more companies looking for candidates who are skilled in this area.

What was your favourite Millennium memory?  My favourite memory from the Millennium was definitely being on London Bridge during the countdown to the new year, watching the fireworks over the Thames.

Kerstin Barthelmes joined Recruit 121 10 years ago in November and is now a successful delivery consultant.

How do you feel the industry has changed over the last 15 years? The industry has become more competitive; it’s important that candidates upskill and it’s definitely worth looking into certification to ensure they hold themselves in the best stead for future work.

What was your favourite Millennium memory? 2000 was my first year in university, so a pretty awesome year which helped me on my journey towards working at Recruit 121. 

Mat Holmes began his journey at Recruit 121 as a business development consultant and is now our corporate accounts manager.

How do you feel the industry has changed over the last 15 years? Technical skills are no longer enough. It is now essential for applicants to possess strong customer (internal or external) facing skills too!

Are the skills required from candidates a lot different now? The SAP market is rapidly changing. Mobile, cloud and Big Data will continue to trend, with IOT becoming more and more relevant in today’s highly connected world. 10 years ago, the thought of running a major corporation from a mobile device would have been laughable. As people’s expectations of what can be done has changed, technology has been forced keep moving forward at an ever-increasing pace.

Where do you see the industry of SAP moving in the future? I predict that SAP will branch away from core ERP functionality to facilitate the interconnectability of a multitude of devices. Maybe one day a system could even talk to your toaster!

What is your favourite thing about working for Recruit 121? As a privately owned company, Recruit 121 has the luxury of ensuring ‘service’ is held in as high a regard as ‘profit’. This is almost unique within our industry, where many are solely profit-focused, and means that we concentrate upon providing the best service for everyone involved.

What does the future hold for Recruit 121? The future looks great! We are already offering SAP Training and Certification solutions (education.recruit121.com) and hope to launch more solution/product lines soon.

If you could travel back in time 15 years and tell yourself something that you know today, what would it be? Last week’s lottery numbers would be great, but assuming that’s not possible, I’d advise myself to stay focused and keep moving forward, whilst enjoying the high’s and not worrying too much about the low’s. However, in 2000 I was a cheeky teenager, chasing girls and watching football, life couldn’t have been much better.

Mike Bobbett is the Director of Finance and Operations at Recruit 121.

How do you feel the industry has changed over the last 15 years? It seems to be far more highly regulated in almost every regard. There is now a clear drive toward the use of SAP certified consultants. The number of freelancers is growing globally and certification is a means of differentiating oneself from others in the market.

Are there any key developments that you feel contributed to the need for new skills? It is hard to look past the growth in cloud computing and the thirst within the industry for accurate analysis of real-time data. We will continue to hear much about SAP HANA and the related technologies that follow.

Where do you see the industry of SAP moving in the future? I believe that SAP will continue to grow through the acquisition of smaller businesses that have identified underserved business needs. I would imagine that we will see the purchase of more successful companies like Concur in order to integrate their products into the SAP suite.

What does the future hold for Recruit 121? Working as part of a fun-loving, well-motivated team is great. We will continue to provide the highest levels of service to candidates and clients and look to innovate within our business to make us better able to do so.

What was your favourite Millennium memory? It was the year of my first visit to the west coast of Canada and the Rockies. I have developed a love of both since visiting other regions of Canada and the American Rockies since.

We would like to thank candidates, clients, friends and family for their continued support of what we do at Recruit 121.

If you’ve worked with us in the past we’d love to hear your story and how you’ve progressed since engaging with us. You can tweet us @Recruit121_SAP using #15YearsRecruit121, give us a call on +44 02920 496121 or email us at info@recruit121.com

Here’s to many more successful years!